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Digital Experience Design


[PLAYDODO] AI Block Coding

‘Gwangju Specialized High School’ Experience Lab

AI future City Block Table

NCT Fan Letter Media Wall (@ Theater of Light)

AR Photo Zone (@ Incheon Airport History Museum)


[W. Concept] AI Postcard

[PANASIA] Business Card Recognition Solution

[KGC] New Store Smart Table & Kiosk

[LG ENSOL] Interactive AR & Sketch POP

[Mokpo Literary Center] Interactive Touch Wall



[SKT] A-Dot Factory (Flagship Store)

[Jangsaengpo] Tourist Information Center

[Mercedes-Benz] EQE Sense Lounge

[Gwanghwa Haechimadang] Aquarium & Photo Album

[Hwadam Sports Center] Digital Trampoline Game

[KIA Motors Show] Sketch World

[JEJU National Museum] Children’s Experience Center

[Osan Ecorium] Interactive Touch Wall & AR Media Wall

[Gwanghwa Byeokhwa] Digital Parade

[Provisional Government History Education Center] Interactive Contents

[Invention Education Center] Creative Block & Digital Tangram

[Seocho Youth Center & NH Bank] Story Book & Sketch POP

[SEONBI World] Hangeul Smart Cube

[Dobong-Gu Playground] Digital Sketch POP

[Shinhan] Financial Education Center

[COWAY] CES Exhibition 2022

[Loreal Academy] Interactive Media Wall & Kiosk

[Nescafe] Motion Sensing Kiosk

[Shinhan Bank] ‘Smart Cube’

Interactive Storybook ‘The Little Prince Story’

[Playdodo] Ice World

[Playdodo] Monster Touch Game

[Playdodo] Dessert Garden

[Playdodo] Monster Sketch POP

[Playdodo] Rhythmic Motion Game

[Playdodo] AR Boxing Game

[AMORE MINI] Sample Vending Machine


National Children’s Science Museum

[365 Safe town] Experience Contents

Korea Public Service AD Conference

[Central City] Interactive AR Platform

[SKT] T Place Experience Zone

[Genzyme] ‘Good Walking Six Minutes Campaign’

L’OREAL Korea _ Face Age Check Mirror

Personal Color Studio

[CHEVROLET] Life Style Wall


[Lotte Omni-store] ‘On and The Beauty’

[LOTTE Premium Outlet] Interactive Contents

[365 Safe town] Forest Fire Experience Center

Robot Experience Center ‘Smart CUBE’ (Drawing/Wind/Light/Music/Animal)

[Lotte Omni-store] ‘On and The Living’ H/W Installation

MOKPO AIRPORT Interactive Kiosk: information media

INCHEON AIRPORT Smart Touch Table & Interactive Touch Wall

DAEKYO TRAUMBELT Interactive Media Touch Wall

2018 Pyeongchang Olympic

Kyowon Edu Deep Change Show

Smart Table / Kiosk for Cosmetics Store (Olive Young)


Chupa Chups Face Photo Sticker

Olive Young Make-up Mirror & Interactive Pillar

Eucerin Face Age Check Mirror

IFC Mall AR (2016)

Playsongs Music Shower

[PLAYDODO] Hangeul Cube

[PLAYDODO] Paper Toy Cube

[PLAYDODO] SMART CUBE (Slot Replacement)

[PLAYDODO] Music Cube



[Playdodo] Music Playing Wall

[Playdodo] Shadow Play

HERA Exceptional Studio

Nike Flyknit Multi Display

OLIVE YOUNG Smart Mirror

Interactive Kids Platform ‘PLAYDODO’

GUESS Style Wall & Play Machine

GUESS Fit View Mirror

Innocean Social Data Visualizing

Salvation Army Smart Charity Box & Pot (2015)

Live Shadow (@Maker Faire 2015)

Interactive Weather

YEOJU Premium Outlets Smart Mirror

ARITAUM Omni Store

Samsung Engineering Globe UX 2.0+

Say Hello to Ford (@Seoul Motor Show 2015)


Interactive Kids Platform (@HCI ♥ KIDS)

NIKE Women’s Interactive Fitting Room (2015)

Smart Cube (@Nabi Hackathon)

NIKE Aeroloft Interactive Media (2014)

IFC AR Platform (2012~2014)

Nike Flagship Store Digital Media (2014)

Catcher Adventure (Oculus & Leap motion)

Smart Buddy (@Maker Faire 2014)

Soul Link (@Maker Faire 2014)

AIA Real Life NOW Festival 2014

Solvay Exhibition Hall_Media Wall

Samsung Inverter Dehumidifier

SK E&S_Smart Table & KIOSK

Samsung Galaxy Wall (@Saudi) 2.5+ U.HOME Smart Table 2.5+ U.HOME Smart Wall

Samsung Galaxy Wall (@Singapore)

CGV Magic Wall (AD Platform)

IFC Mall Interactive KIOSK (26EA)

M-Live Interctive Media Wall (AR) 2.0+ Connecting Board 2.0+ Smart Table (bite Tag)

About raonsquare


‘raonsquare’ is Strong and compact company aims to ‘user experience strategy for (UX Strategy)’ and ‘insight into the various technologies (Technology Insight)’ based on the new digital environment, to develop the User Experience consulting and Digital Experience Design Company.

raonsquare is UX Platform Digital Contents & Service in terms of delivery to the end user to understand the whole process before a user experience on this strategy and the development to proceed.

Company Brochure    Playdodo Brochure

라온스퀘어는 작지만 강한 회사를 목표로 ‘사용자 경험에 대한 전략(UX Strategy)’과 다양한 기술에 대한 통찰력 (Technology Insight)’을 기반으로 새로운 디지털 환경의 User Experience를 컨설팅 및 개발하는 Digital Experience Design Company입니다.

라온스퀘어는 UX Platform이라는 관점에서 Digital Contents & Service가 최종 사용자에게 전달되기까지의 모든 과정을 이해하고 이에 대한 사용자 경험의 전략수립 및 개발을 진행합니다.


Vibrant Space

‘Vibrant Digital Creative Space’ – raonsquare

raonsquare is a composition of raon + square.
raon is a pure Korean word for ‘Vibrant’, square means rectangle, In mathematical terms ‘the square’ and plaza.

‘즐거운 디지털 창조공간‘ – raonsquare

라온스퀘어는 raon + square를 결합한 단어입니다.
raon은 순 우리말로 ‘즐거운‘ 이란 뜻을 가진 고유어 이며 square는 사각형 (digital), 제곱, 광장의 뜻을 가집니다.

Core Competitiveness

We have an ability to combine hardware and software with User behavior, and develop to various research.
Also, we can handle technology related to awareness and manipulation. (8 Related patents)

실제로 만질 수 있는 ‘H/W와 S/W 융합형 사물 및 콘텐츠 개발’ 능력을 보유하고 있으며
‘사물 인식 및 조작 방식’과 관련한 다양한 연구 및 기술을 개발하고 있습니다. (8건의 특허 보유)


Business Area

raonsquare has a various business area for each of the industrial fields based on its own interactve media platform ‘ACTIVE VISION’.
라온스퀘어는 자사 고유의 인터랙티브 미디어 플랫폼인 ACTIVE VISION을 기반으로 다양한 산업분야별 비즈니스 영역을 보유하고 있습니다.


raonsquare run the project management in a stable and smooth communication with the expertise of a professional experienced personnel.
경험이 풍부한 전문인력의 전문성을 기반으로 원활한 커뮤니케이션과 안정된 매니지먼트로 프로젝트를 수행합니다.

Research & Analysis UX Strategy

Graphic Design & Motion Design

Unity 3D & Interaction Design

Programming Data Base Design

Contact Us

Address: 04799, Unit 1607, Saeng-gag Gongjang Desiang Flex,
49, Achasan-ro 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82 2 545 7075
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